British Values discussed during Assembly

“Is it wrong to refuse help?”

Our assemblies are rebooted for the new academic year and we have added an additional morning assembly on Tuesday mornings. Split into Upper School and Lower School, the children will be introduced to different news item each week.  They will then go back and discuss the item further in class, taking part in some cross curricular activities to deepen their understanding.

Our first piece of news was the Brazilian president’s decision not to accept help from other countries to tackle the fires burning in the Amazon rain forest. The assembly in the Upper School centred on the picture, as shown below, and included information from a News-round article as well as our resident journalists Aryan and Rosie. Meanwhile in the Lower School, the children focused on where Brazil is in the world and why the rain forest is so important. Both assemblies concluded with a discussion about British Values and what the meaning of respect is. The children were bubbling with ideas and there were some exhilarating debates and mathematical quizzes.