Bon Nouvel An to everyone

Bon Nouvel An to everyone…Year I start their French sessions this year with a Galette des Rois cake that celebrates Epiphany en France. Unfortunately they had to use their imagination rather than their taste buds, with paper replica portions taken in order to find the little token signifying who was to be King/Queen for the day!  We then continued the food theme with our LOTTO cards practising numbers, fruit and vegetables all to be found at the market.

Year 2 have been learning how to choose suitable clothes for the cold weather, with their Minou and Trottine characters. Trottine can’t make her mind up and this involves making choices between different colours and sizes…’un petit chapeau bleu’ or maybe ‘un grand chapeau rouge’? Using props and the exciting prospect of dressing up, the children gradually extend their understanding and sentences. Eventually they will cut out and dress the Jolie Ronde mouse, hopefully reading single words in the process and writing down the chosen colour. Bon effort tout le monde!