Big Garden birdwatch

As part of the ‘Green Flag’ process, our Eco Warriors have been meeting weekly during the Autumn term with Mrs Smith to help champion everything green at St Faith’s. Our fabulous nature garden has promoted biodiversity within our grounds but now can you play your part in the wider world too! Although it isn’t possible for the Eco Warriors to continue their work at school at the moment, we are still very keen to champion the cause from home. Mrs Smith and Mr Andrews would like to encourage as many St Faithian children and families as possible to join them in this appreciation of biodiversity, by taking part in a special RSPB birdwatch in your own gardens or surrounding outdoor areas (parks etc). This event takes place on Saturday 29th January and more information can be found at the link below.

Some of our pupils in the Lower/Upper Nursery have already been studying Birds as their topic this term. Mr and Mrs Groves will be donning their binoculars to see what birds they can spot in their garden this Saturday! We would love to share some stories and photos of St Faithian families who take part in this event, so please do email any pictures to Happy spotting!