Back with a Bang!

Our favourite IT teacher Mr Andrews was helping with tech this morning and was impressed with the array of excellent teaching he observed – thus inspired he took these lovely photos of a school at work.

‘St Faith’s is back and the children are flying. I was only checking that all the boards were working in each classroom but was treated to what St Faith’s is all about. Across the school children were busy working away in a variety of styles covering a range of Maths and English skills. In Year 2, they were busy completing their next step work, ahead of learning about equality, symbols and the hungry crocodile that eats the bigger number. In Year 3, the children were discussing a story and recording adjectives to describe a character before creating their own. Year 4, were busy acting out the story of Theseus and the Minotaur (I actually managed to get in on this act and defeated a minotaur!). Up into Year 5, our digital strategy was in full use as children worked with a split screen to use place cavalier counters to record their work repeating, adding 10 and recovering their grasp of what ‘exchanging’ actually looks like!

Even before the clock turned 9:30am, I’m already inspired, impressed and proud of all the excellent teaching and hard-work the children were putting in. The sun came out too and we can’t wait to have a great break time with our friends!’