Ancient Roman artefacts create intrigue in Year 3

The children in Year 3 were very lucky to be able to have a close look at a wide range of artefacts in their final History lesson on the Romans last term. A family friend of one of the pupils in 3F very kindly sent in lots of treasures, including coins, brooches and a mosaic tile, that he has discovered locally. I was delighted to have the artefacts in my lesson as, in all of my many years of teaching, I have never had artefacts of this historical significance to show the children in a classroom environment. One of the brooches was dated to 300 CE/AD! All the children were so well behaved, they took great care of the artefacts and ensured that they didn’t touch them- despite how much they were tempted to do so! This session certainly helped develop the children’s enquiry level skills. They asked lots of questions, made countless interesting observations and there was a buzz of excitement as they moved around the classroom studying the artefacts. It was a lovely way to end our studies in 2018.

If anyone has any interesting historical artefacts at home that they would be happy to let us use in our History lessons, please do get in touch as we love to give the children as many opportunities as possible to study such items.

Miss Franklin

Humanities Co-ordinator