An English Portfolio builds on the Surface Go’s

English in Year 4 has been a whirlwind ride so far this year! We leapt straight into Greek myths and legends at the beginning of the year with a unit of work on Theseus and the Minotaur, took a sidestep into fairy tales, had a short stop off at Kennings and list poems, before embarking on a snowy slide through Robert Swindells’ Ice Palace.

We have looked at story structure, characters, setting and atmosphere and how these change from text to text. We have looked closely at author intent and style and the different choices made to make texts interesting. We are now delving deeper into figurative language and the different devices we can use to make our writing sparkle! If you need a simile or metaphor – Year 4 are the ones to ask!

In Year 4 we are lucky to have our own Surface Go devices. We are finding lots of ways to use them in class to support our learning. We have been using the devices alongside hard copies of texts in our English lessons to ensure that we are keeping an even balance between our screen work and written work. We have also used drama and freeze frame to bring parts of our stories to life. At the beginning of term we started an English Portfolio on our Surface Go’s. This was designed to catalogue and showcase our very best work throughout the year. We are looking forward to the end of the year when we can scroll back through all of our work and see how far we have come on our learning journey.

This access to technology is invaluable now that we have gone back to Home Learning. Year 4 have hit the ground running with their remote learning from day one as they expertly navigate their way around Teams, assignments and One Note tasks.