Algorithms, Beebots and a Treasure Map

Monday was just one of those times when it was a privilege to step back and watch in awe at our incredible children!

Year 1 were already excited (ok, it’s not that hard) about the use of the Treasure maps and the Beebots, however they turned this excitement into some incredible outcomes. The task was planned to slowly build with the children collaborating to get the Beebots to move around the treasure map using step by step instructions.  However, all of them made the leap to joining the separate instructions in an algorithm to move from the start to the treasure (a Lego person, because after all we humans are the greatest treasure).   But, it didn’t end there, the resourceful Year 1s then showed amazing resilience when things went wrong and they successfully debugged their algorithms so they worked. Never have I been so pleased for a group of children to cover three weeks planning in one lesson! As Kit said, “We just kept trying until we got it right!”. The children have made an incredible start to their programming journey and if they show the same resilience, curiosity, collaboration and, above all, happiness, they are going to achieve great things!