ABRSM Examinations

Congratulations to everyone who took an ABRSM examination recently. Taking a music exam requires a huge amount of preparation with lessons, private practice and rehearsal with a piano accompanist.

Some children took the Prep Test which is a friendly introduction to exams, without the jeopardy of passing or failing. Instrumentalists taking a graded exam have to prepare three pieces, together with scales and arpeggios. Singers have to present four pieces, one of which they perform unaccompanied. All exams involve sight-reading and aural tests.

Well done also to the children’s teachers, Miss Gregory, Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Hopper and Miss Rossitter. We have two more exam days next term, with the next being at the end of January. Preparations for this next day are already well underway.

Jennifer Ainsworth – Cello Grade 4 – Pass 

Ethan Patel – Cornet Prep Test 

Kasen Wells – Piano Grade 1 – Merit 

Lucy McElligott – Piano Grade 1 – Distinction 

Lucy McElligott – Musical Theatre Grade 2 – Distinction 

Amara Fernando – Piano Grade 3 – Merit 

Amara Fernando – Violin Grade 1 – Distinction 

Henry Bowyer – Clarinet Grade 4 – Merit 

Sophia Gudge – Flute Grade 1 – Merit 

Sophia Gudge – Cello Grade 2 – Pass 

Freddie Heffer – Clarinet Grade 4 – Pass 

Harry Evans – Flute Grade 1 – Merit 

Roy Benayahu – Cello Grade 4 – Pass 

Ava Riley – Singing Grade 1 – Merit 

 Emily Mitchell – Cello Grade 1 – Pass 

Sail McCulloch – Piano Initial Grade – Merit 

Sophie Dalgliesh – Piano Prep Test 

Kaitlyn Gurubatham-Kanny – Piano Grade 2 – Merit

John Lapworth – Cello Prep Test 

Safiya Dubignon – Piano Grade 1 – Pass 

Sonny Caffyn – Piano Prep Test 

Florrie Brown – Piano Initial Grade – Merit 

Amaari Patel – Piano Prep Test 

Jalia Ungufe-Bailey – Piano Initial Grade – Merit