A Taskmaster Assembly

Year 5s assembly started as a competition inspired by the TV show ‘Taskmaster’ with the children being set the challenge of submitting a picture or video of something ‘impressive’, with the most impressive entry being crowned champion. This led to lots of questions and confused faces but the challenge was set and the children were sent on their way. What happened next was completely unexpected. A range of incredible submissions resulted in the crown being shared by all as it became impossible to split the incredible, unique talents of our children. From art work to go-karting and baking to robot building, the range of entries was a real inspiration and testament to just how amazing our children are.

Concluding their Taskmaster assembly, was a light hearted and amusing challenge to our resident St Faith’s comedy duo.   Does it get any better than watching Mr Andrews lose to Miss Johnson in a biscuit eating challenge?  Year 5 don’t think so, as it brought a smile to all and started the day on a positive note with a chuckle.

 Mr Mackenzie would like to thank all of them for their efforts. It is important to remember that we all have our own unique talents and must celebrate what makes us all so impressive.