A new way to teach Maths

Maths – a new curriculum with skill-based blocks

Since September, the way in which Maths is being taught at St Faith’s has changed. Pupils from Reception to Year 6 are now being taught in skill-based blocks. This new curriculum allows children the opportunity to delve into and explore the main concepts of Maths such as Place Value, the four operations and Fractions, with more time being spent building children’s confidence and understanding.

Years 1 and 2 have been working tirelessly to develop their understanding of how numbers are formed and, through the use of hands-on resources and manipulatives, peer group collaboration and targeted questioning, how calculations are built. The real focus of their Maths lesson is ensuring a deep, conceptual understanding of Maths and number, which will build life-long skills and will set them off on their Maths journey through the school. The children are then being challenge to apply their knowledge to a wide range of problems and can be seen explaining, reasoning and proving with a new-found confidence and accuracy.

Look out Upper school – we have got some serious Mathematicians heading your way!