A Maths Revolution

Maths is changing. At times, having the correct answer no longer means you can move onto the next question.  Instead, the focus is on ‘Why?’, ‘How do you know?’ or ‘What would happen if?’

St Faith’s pupils are being challenged to explain their answers, to find misconceptions, to convince their peers of possible solutions and to explain and prove what is going on behind a method, using counters, diagrams and bar models to investigate and dig deeper.

A Mastery approach to Maths brings together practical hands-on tasks, collaboration and reasoning. Here at St Faith’s, pupils discover by doing – whether it is out exploring numbers around the school, creating fractions using apples or by working alongside their peers to problem solve. Through this discovery, pupils are able to ascertain meaningful links between different mathematical concepts and ideas.

The main aim for any Maths curriculum is to inspire, challenge and engage pupils, allowing their natural curiosity to develop. Through the use of physical manipulatives and practical investigations, children at St Faith’s are given the opportunity to deepen and embed their understanding, whilst still having fun and watching their self-confidence flourish.