A Mastery approach to Maths

The main aim for any Maths curriculum is to inspire, challenge and engage pupils, allowing their natural curiosity to develop. A Mastery approach to Maths brings together practical hands-on tasks, collaboration and reasoning. Here at St Faith’s, pupils discover by doing – whether it is out exploring numbers around the school, creating fractions using a range of hands-on manipulatives or by working alongside their peers to problem solve. Through this discovery, pupils are able to ascertain meaningful links between different mathematical concepts and ideas.

This year has seen a big change to the structure of our Maths curriculum, with lessons now being taught in topic blocks ranging from one to four weeks. These blocks allow our pupils the time to develop a secure understanding of each concept, with opportunities being given for pupils to work through the use of concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations of the problems they are facing before finally being confident when using the abstract methods. The resources used in class allow pupils of all ages and abilities to be challenged in a variety of problem-solving contexts and it is a real joy to hear the rich level of discussion and mathematical talk happening in every lesson. Already we have seen a great impact on the children, both in terms of their attainment and the self-confidence.

This year has also seen the launch of our new times tables scheme for Year 2-6. Times Tables Rock Stars, which is an online programme, allows each child to work on an individually tailored times tables curriculum both in school and at home. As we strive to enhance the use of technology in the children’s education, Times Tables Rock Stars is used in class, for homework and independently by the children at home to continually develop their tables understanding, accuracy and speed. The children have loved earning coins by completing a range of games, including being able to set challenges for their friends and teachers, which can then be used to develop their avatar.