A celebration of the Jewish festival of Tu B’Shevat.

Happy New Year for the trees.

Last week Year 2 celebrated the Jewish festival of Tu B’Shevat. This festival happens once a year to celebrate trees in the environment as givers of fruit for us to eat. It is customary at this time for Jewish people to give what they grow to others or support their local temple. It is also a time for partying and celebrations, and that is just what Year 2 did ! They were lucky enough to be presented with two fruit trees for our school by Mr and Mrs Benayahu. The children were very excited as Mr Benayahu poured the compost into the plant pots. He told them that they mustn’t eat the fruit for 3 years as it makes the fruit trees grow stronger. Keep your eye out children for anybody who tastes the fruit before that!!

The children also sang a Tu B’Shevat song, made trees, completed a word search, answered questions in a comprehension paper and tasted fruits which they have never tasted before. Who could have known that trees were so cross-curricular? Thank you, Mr and Mrs Benayahu. What a delightful treat it was to have two trees donated to our year group. Hopefully when Year 2 are in Year 6 we can have a party and eat the fruit that the trees will provide.  What fun!

Mrs Latham & Mrs Ross