2023 Year 6 Residential: Birthdays & Bushcraft

Mrs Coombs’ Blog

We finished our last night in camp offering the Dawn chorus a showdown! How much noise can 34 year 6 pupils make singing around the campfire? The answer to that question is ‘enough to scare the wildlife out of Norfolk’! The singing included some traditional campfire songs like ‘It’s Coming Home’, the well-known ‘Banana song’, ‘Wannabe’, ‘This is Me’ and assorted other St Faith’s favourites. Mr Ainsworth may need to look out for our new lead vocalist, Mr Burrett. Who knew his hidden musical talents! Finally, after a yummy hot chocolate we all settled down for our last night in camp.

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!’ rang out around camp this morning as one of our campers hit the ripe old age of 11 today! A gift from home and a birthday badge made his day!

With breakfast devoured & luggage packed, we headed off for den building, archery and bushcraft in rotation. The woods rang with shrieks and squeals as the dens’ waterproof qualities were thoroughly tested! Over at the archery we discovered previously hidden Robin Hood talents in some of the children as we aimed at the bullseye. Fire-making skills were polished and practised.

The call then came that the coach was delayed getting to us… but if you are going to be stranded why not let it be the most beautiful meadow in the sunshine with a football, a packed lunch and your friends!

All are happy, weary and ready for a bath … having had the most amazing outdoor adventure. We are on our way home with happy hearts and and a head full of lifelong Year 6 memories.

PS –  we won’t be apologising for the large quantities of gungy, muddy clothes and footwear. It was an essential part of having fun!

PPS – we have a large quantity of unclaimed smelly socks, pants and tracksuit bottoms if anything is missing!