Le Château de Warsy

Day 4


Because of all the excitement with Livvi’s birthday and despite a later breakfast, the nice lie in anticipated this morning didn’t quite happen! After breakfast the children were sent to tidy their rooms, and what a transformation. From chaos to perfection in all rooms, so difficult to judge. The clincher came with Jonny’s confession that he had “even cleaned the toilet”, room 1 had to win!

Then off to the market we went, the many stalls drawing our children in. Watches, hats, wallets, sunglasses, belts, sweets, pizzas, were a few of the acquisitions. Mondidier is now much richer for the visit of St Faith’s Prep.

With some free time just before lunch the children were able to run off the sugar just in time to eat more!


As we completed our last activity we all felt a little sad. The sun has remained with us throughout the week and it just makes everything look so much more aesthetic and the activities more enjoyable.

Supper this evening consisted of pizza, BBQ chicken and kebab, and to wash it all down the children were treated to les escargot and cuisses de grenouille. Most tried it, some enjoyed the experience and there were others who will never try it again!

After an early supper those who hadn’t packed, retired to their rooms to do so, to enable a swift departure for The Fish Museum and the WW1 cemetery at Etaples before we rush to catch the ferry for our return home.

Finally click https://youtu.be/ji4o8AVwmiM to view our video of their wonderful week in France