Le Château de Warsy

Wednesday AM:

After a good hearty breakfast of croissants, fruit and cereal we all hit the ground running. We have both jumped and been thrown into the lake, on numerous occasions, all morning as we enjoyed more paddle boarding, rafting and canoeing. Madame Stokes is extremely tired; she tells me after having to hang up lots of wet clothes in the drying room. As I write this the children are having hot showers and changing for lunch and as an added bonus the sun is out yet again making this an even more beautiful setting.


Ending the day on a high with crate stacking, we then sauntered off for an early supper before this evening’s entertainment around the camp fire. The drying room is still crammed full of wet clothes which we hope will be dry for tomorrow’s activities in the afternoon. Parents get those washing machines to the ready. However, I have been informed in the past, some parents just empty it all in the rubbish bin!

Yesterday morning the children were all up before the staff, this morning we had to wake them and goodness knows how we’re going to get them out of bed tomorrow.