Year 4 Carroty Wood Residential Day 1

If rain bothers you, you can always jump in the sea – Chinese Proverb. If it really bothers you, attempt the Carroty Tyre Walk – Carroty Proverb!

What a day we are having. It began with a sickness free coach journey – always a great start! Upon arrival at Carroty we were able to move straight into our accommodation for a briefing from the centre staff. The children then settled into their rooms – unpacking and making their own beds (I use the term making their own beds loosely).

When we were finally settled the children changed into their dirty clothes and cheerfully set off for the Low Ropes, our first activity of the day. Wow! The Mud!  Mud glorious mud! The next couple of hours were spent negotiating toughest of challenges – we had Jungle Ropes, Burma Bridge, Stepping Stones and finally Tyre Walk! Smiles, laughter and whoops of delight filled the air as the children slipped and slid around the course. Each step of the way the children we encouraged by each other and their teachers. We are now settling in for an hour down time – the children are sharing the games they brought – before we head off to the Sports Hall for another session. After the Sports Hall it’s dinner before a night time swim and bed. Stay tuned for more updates.

Part 2

Excitement has reached fever pitch as we have let the children loose on the in-house pool and table tennis facilities. Our chef has just arrived and is busy cooking us a lovely smelling spaghetti bola! The table is set and we are minutes away from eating.  After a much needed change of clothes due to #mudgate we enjoyed an afternoon of basketball and team building games in the new Sports Hall.

Seeing the children so happy in each other’s company overcoming the challenges set is the most rewarding part of any residential trip.  Room 10 kindly cleared up after our squash and snack break earlier on, and Room 9 are due to clean up after dinner. The children are relishing their new responsibilities – I just hope some of the eagerness to clean here is transferred to a renewed appreciation for all you (the parents) do for them at home. After dinner, we have a fun bin liner fashion challenge before an evening swim.  When the children are dried and ready in their PJs they will have a mug of chocolate, a biscuit and then bed. They are all behaving impeccably and we could not be happier with them. Wish us luck!