Tyre Swings & Bin Bags

Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog

“I didn’t realise Carroty Wood was going to be this much fun!” There is nothing better than hearing the children talk amongst themselves as they all slip, slither and slide through the low ropes course. All the children tackled the course, and without exception they had a great time doing so. However, I shall skip forward to the main event of the day…the tyre swing!

Seven tyres, hung across the infamous Carroty Swamp – no crocodile this year but we did find an Ellesse left-footed trainer and a Nike XL skin which may or may not have previously belonged to one of our Year 5 children! Every child attempted the tyre swing, many succeeded. Some fell…did they slip? Were they pushed? I have to report that I have suspicions some of them just jumped! Muddy, smiling and brimming with stories of lost wellies and near misses, our explorers bounced back into the warmth of Hornbeam. It’s fair to say that a couple of the children required the Carroty hose down, and ALL of the children were sent for a shower.

Next up was some downtime, ahead of a delicious spag bol! Did Mr Andrews manage to secured 4ths? Only the Carroty Crew know the answer to this!

After dinner it was time for the St Faith’s Bin Bag Fashion Show, a highlight of the calendar to rival Paris Fashion Week. Enjoy a selection of their fabulous designs below! Now – time to investigate the pressing questions of the day…where ARE Room 2’s missing scrunchies??