Teamwork and Collaboration

Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog

The day has whizzed past and we have now finished our final activity led by the team here at Carroty Wood. ‘Woody’, our team leader, was full of praise for our little St Faithians. They have quite simply been fantastic!

This afternoon saw an exchange of activities, with Group 1 tackling Team Building and Group 2 taking on geocaching. Group 1 were amazing and even managed to diffuse a ‘bomb’ we found suspended in mid-air in the woods! In a cracking display of teamwork, they designed a letter H using 3 planks of wood, and lifted an expert up to unhook and neutralise the target. They then worked their way through the Laser Trail together. These sessions serve to underpin the importance of teamwork, and our instructors were quick to point out ways in which these skills transition into the classroom.

Group 2 meanwhile were busily occupied deep in the woods, in search of clues as part of their geocaching task. The arrival of Mr Groves led to much merriment, but also our esteemed Headmaster leading his group back to base a full ten minutes late as, in his words, “I was having too much fun!” Thank goodness the children were there to supervise him.

The children have started to pack their bags, followed by a busy evening of dinner and swimming. My Grandmother always insisted on a three-hour wait between eating and swimming, but that’s a luxury we don’t have here. Straight to the pool it is!

We have been so impressed by the resilience, kindness and collaboration the children have demonstrated on this trip. What a lovely bunch of Year 4s they are!