Nature, Ping-pong, Mud and Laughter

Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog

All good things must come to an end… After a fantastic final swimming session with our favourite instructor we returned to the warmth of our humble abode. The children had a great time in the pool – jumping in, playing volleyball and larking about with their friends – what more could you want from a swim session?!

The walk back in the dark was equally exciting as we found our way through the wood. Back at the ranch, corridor patrol was a total dream as all the children went to sleep extremely quickly – no midnight corridor meet-ups for this bunch of sensible Year 4 children, but rather some well-earned shut-eye.

The children really have been delightful and they thoroughly enjoyed spending some downtime this morning packing, clearing away and demolishing breakfast! It has been a diet of nature, ping-pong, cards, mud, laughs and smiles – just what a residential should be! In other news, you’ll all be delighted to hear that I have finally mastered the rope swing.

We are now safely loaded on the bus and are en route to HQ. Thank you to the amazing Mrs Ball, Mrs Cavanagh and of course the one and only Mrs Ross for yet another amazing trip! It’s safe to say we will all sleep very well tonight!

Carroty Out!