Day 3: Mud Slides and Chocolate Cake

Mr Mackenzie’s Blog

The magic formula of 6 hours of activities, a walk and games through the woods, second helpings of spaghetti bolognaise, chocolate cake and squirty cream (for everyone except me, as I somehow lost mine in a climbing wall based bet against one of the children) and a late night swim worked again, and I am pleased to announce that all children slept peacefully through the night. Although there were still a few bleary eyes at breakfast, spirits were at an all time high this morning as the children discussed the activities ahead of them today over an obscene amount of toast and yogurts!

Today, the children have been climbing (apparently Mr Burrett was beaten repeatedly and not able to reach the top of the red route), geocaching, shelter making (which somehow turned into making a mud slide), pedal karting and completing a series of team development tasks. It is such a joy to watch the children grow over the course of the week. From the little things like making sure they have all the correct items for each session to being there to look after their friends throughout the week, the children always come back from this week having learnt and grown in so many ways.

With the weather forecast looking slightly damp tomorrow (I am really trying to remain optimistic), we have made the most of the outside space this afternoon and the children have enjoyed some free time with the sports equipment before heading back for another delicious dinner! Clean plates all round, a quick chance to win a Carroty Wood golden ball and then it will be time for our evening swim.

I cannot believe that it will be Thursday tomorrow! With lots of exciting activities still ahead, we won’t let the threat of wet weather dampen our spirits – although Mr Burrett is worried about his hair…