Good Morning from Carroty Wood!

Mr Mackenzie’s Blog:

Good morning parents! I can report that two miracles have occurred…

Firstly, the children have all slept peacefully and were in high spirits when they were awoken by their 6ft6″ karaoke alarm clock. Secondly, I overheard two children say how much they enjoyed washing up!

After multiple rounds of cereal, porridge and toast, the children were all ready on time for their morning activities. Their first task was to negotiate the classic Year 5 Pringle Challenge. Despite my best efforts, the children were surprisingly (and slightly annoyingly) good at keeping their Pringles intact!

As I sit in the beautiful woodland, watching the sun appear through the morning mist, I can see the children working together to build bush craft shelters. Purely in the interests of science, I promise to ensure that they are all thoroughly tested against all the elements! The other groups are busy abseiling and doing archery, and we are looking forward to a short stroll in the woods before a very well deserved lunch.