Frosties & Table Tennis

Year 4 Residential: Mr Andrews’ Blog

The news you have all been waiting for is in….Room 2 located their scrunchies!

The first night of a residential is always the most interesting, but credit must go to our Year 4 children for their approach to staying away from home. Despite the fun of sharing a dorm with your best friends, they still managed lights out at 8.30pm! A very good sleep for the vast majority of our campers, despite the claims at the breakfast table of only getting one hour of sleep, and waking up at 4am… Breakfast was a thoroughly jolly affair with unlimited resources of Frosties (HOW is it possible to consume 3 entire boxes in one sitting?) and mountains of toast!

Mrs Cavanagh is doing sterling work as medicine administrator and shall henceforth be known as ‘Matron’. Mrs Ross has the days perfectly planned out, and Mrs Ball has been an excellent addition to the touring team!

This morning Group 1 took on geocaching , and were roaming the extensive grounds in True Challenge Anneka style (Google it if you aren’t old enough to remember!) The children displayed outstanding teamwork skills and were all successful in finding the various locations.

Group 2 worked on their leadership skills as part of the Team Development Challenge. The spider web and laser challenge were their highlights!

Excitement levels are through the roof with the arrival of our charismatic leader Mr Groves. With Mr Andrews having only narrowly managed to repair the table tennis net (and thus dodge a fairly serious telling-off), Mr Groves is currently playing everyone and anyone in sight. There have been some Carroty Golden Ball winners already, much to his disgust.

Next up is a DIY lunch courtesy of Mrs Ross, who may be eligible for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for speediest sandwich making.