Day 4: Waterproofs and Perms

Mr Mackenzie’s Blog.

Our 2024 trip to Carroty Wood has seen the children become obsessed with breaking records: the most slices of toast, the most yoghurts or the highest number of Carroty Wood golden balls (Mr Burrett and I feel at a disadvantage having been locked in a house with no chance of escape). However, this morning, a new record was set. As we are coming towards the end of the week and there are a few weary bodies about, we decided to let the children have a bit of a lie in this morning. The new Carroty Wood sleeping record stands at a 9.15 wake up! There are certainly some tired children heading back your way tomorrow!

The other hot topic of conversation is why Mr Burrett is rocking an 80s style perm?! Do let us know if photographic evidence is required!

Unfortunately, the rain has found us this morning and we have a very soggy Carroty Wood. On the up side, our timetable allowed for a chilled morning and then it was a case of donning every waterproof item in sight before heading out. I must thank the parents for ensuring that the children all had the correct wet weather gear, it has certainly been put to use!

Today the children have go karting, mountain biking and geocaching. The arrival of Mrs Coombs gave a little perk to the morning and in typical Mrs Coombs style, she was straight to work making sandwiches and washing up!

The children are looking forward to their final swims tonight before the mammoth task of trying to reunite all the stray socks, towels and goggles begins! The children are sad that their week is coming to an end but are excited to see you all tomorrow afternoon. You will be greeted by children who are tired and muddy, but children who have all pushed themselves and who have grown. Mrs Allen, Mr Burrett, Mrs Ball and I are immensely proud of every single one of them!