Carroty Wood, Year 4 – Day 2

Day 2: 7 March

Our Carroty home always reminds me of a boarding house as it becomes a living organism that moves and breaths. Luckily, it appears to be in rude health as last night we had not a single tear from any child at bedtime – our Year 4s are a resilient bunch! That said, one room were a little late to sleep and were ultimately a little bleary eyed this morning at breakfast.

The children wolfed their breakfast down and the only disappointment came from Mrs Mellin’s porridge – which is normally outstanding – unfortunately we were unable to get the hob fired up and had to make do with a microwaved version.

As I write this the children are busily preparing themselves for the day ahead and the house is by no means quiet. However, it’s filled with excitement about what the day ahead holds. The sun is out and St Faith’s are about to get their teamwork hats on!


“Can we stay here forever?” That was just one of the many lovely quotes I’ve witnessed during this morning’s activities. The children have thrown themselves into their Team Building and Geo-Caching sessions.

We began the day with a play on the rope swing – a tradition for all St Faithian’s and then it was time for the activities led by the centres experienced staff. As ever, it is extremely satisfying to see the children being so respectful and listening intently to instructions. They’ve all had a brilliant morning of being guided through giant spider’s webs, working together to carry a bomb through an obstacle course, escape a minefield, a mission to send a golf ball down a pipe and all of this before 12!

Another part of this residential looks at children becoming a little more responsible and it has been hugely pleasing to see everyone taking turns cleaning the dishes – if your child says they can’t do this I have photo evidence to prove otherwise! We took this a step further with our DIY lunch. After washing their hands they got to make up their own sandwiches.

We are now swapping activities and as I type this by the door the children are rushing past me out to the Carroty Staff – the St Faith’s staff are loving it too and attend each session with the children – it’s a real TEAM effort!