Carroty Wood, Year 4 – Day 3

Day 3

7.30pm Thursday evening.

After eating our weight in ice cream we have begun preparing for our exit from Carroty. There is currently much excitement as bags are being packed for tomorrow morning.

WARNING – there are some very muddy clothes coming home. Whilst the low ropes was one of the most enjoyable sessions I’ve ever been part of, the children literally threw themselves whole heartedly into each muddy activity. The Fran Cotton look alike competition was hotly contested.  I’ve bought my shares in Ariel ahead of the extra powder capsules that may be needed. If it makes you feel any better Mrs Andrews and Mr Mellin will also be getting a bit of a shock when they see the scale of the mud. My apologies in advance.

We are having a court session followed by a movie tonight. Everyone needs some time to relax after what has been another exhilarating day. Hopefully all the fresh air and activity will help the children sleep tonight.

Final Chapter 10.38am

Another night of no tears before bed! The Year 4s have shown they are made of hearty stuff. Needless to say everyone had a much earlier night and all slept through until 6.30am.

We had a special occasion to celebrate this morning, Jasmine’s birthday! What better way to start the day than having your room invaded by your class mates for a round of happy birthday before leading a birthday conga down to breakfast!

After packing up and saying our goodbyes to their rooms the children rejoiced in an hour’s free play in the Carroty garden. The morning sunlight dappled beautifully through the trees as the children played. There were many different games being played from den building, 52 bunker, a drawing group and wood carving all going on.

After a quick snack the children loaded up the coach and we are now heading back to St Faith’s on the Bayliss Express! The children have impressed us and risen to the challenges they were set! As ever thank you to Mrs Mellin, Miss Arman and Miss Digman for their outstanding efforts on the trip. Have a great weekend everyone!

“See you next year Carroty!”