Carroty Wood – Year 5 – Day 1 2019

What an amazing first day it has been! The children were all amazed at the greenery (and the mud) that surrounds our new home for the week!

After a quick lunch, a welcome talk and a chance to climb a tree, it was time for our first activities of either archery, abseiling or BMXing. All have pushed themselves above and beyond and all willing (with some encouragement) to give everything a go! “If I fall down, I’ll just get back up and try again!” was certainly my quote of the day!

After a chance to settle into our rooms and unpack, we have been in the sports hall playing basketball and French cricket before a very much anticipated dinner and our first trip to the swimming pool!

Fingers crossed the children will be so exhausted from their first day that they will be straight to sleep at lights out.