Carroty Wood 2020 Day 1

With spirits high (and a few children putting on a brave face despite not feeling 100%), Team Year 5 have arrived safe and well at an even muddier than remembered Carroty Wood. After a quick lunch, the children dropped their bags into their rooms, got acquainted with their new roommates (happy faces all round!) and got ready for their first activities.

At the time of writing (currently perched on a rather uncomfortable BMX seat), I can see one group zooming up and down hills and over self-made ramps and sea-saws on a range of BMX and mountain bikes.  Another group becoming the next Robin Hood’s and, in the distance, I can hear the excited screams of children facing their fears as their lean over the edge of the abseiling tower (I’m sure the screams are from the children and not Mrs Allen and Mrs Everton!)

Still to come on our action-packed first day: we will head back to our accommodation, unpack bags, make beds, explore our surroundings, eat a well-earned dinner and head for an hour’s swim! If that doesn’t help them sleep tonight, I’m not sure what will!