Archery & Abseiling: Day 1 at Carroty Wood

What an incredible first day! With the sun shining, the children have had an amazing afternoon enjoying their first activities at Carroty Wood.

Limits have been pushed, harnesses have been tested, fears have been conquered and bullseyes have been found – and it’s only the first day! An afternoon of abseiling, climbing, archery and climbing every single tree in sight was followed by some free time in the house, and then the dreaded Room Inspection. Parents – your children all passed and we can confirm they all know how to make a bed and put their clothes away! Information you may want to file away for a later date!

The children then recharged their batteries with a delicious dinner of Pasta Bolognese, ready for the first late night swim of the trip!

Surely all this excitement resulted in a quiet night’s sleep? Stay tuned!